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Super Rainbow Dash!
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Super Rainbow Dash - Animations

Animations of Super Rainbow Dash and higher ascensions that were concepted by other people.

Two of these are also on YouTube, btw, so just search for "Super Rainbow Dash" and you'll find them along with a bunch of fanart montage tributes.

Super Rainbow Dash

Super Rainbow Dash Stamp by Super-HedgehogSuper Rainbow Dash Stamp by Super-Hedgehog

Click "Browse Collection" below this description for more.

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The Destined Flame and Soul of Harmony, in "Harmonic Spectrum."

My fanonical (and NOT an OC, btw) concept of an uber-powered transformation for Rainbow Dash. Originally spawned out of my head in summer 2011 (and predating Hasbro's Rainbow Power) as a need to further match Sonic the Hedgehog, as the two of them are extremely similar to each other.

Super Rainbow Dash originally appeared in two of the fanfics in my (redacted) universe, at first using the seven Chaos Emeralds from the Sonic franchise to transform. However, because the Sonic franchise's reputation had dropped in recent years with a series of badly developed games, because Equestria Daily's visitors and pre-readers REALLY don't take kindly to Sonic or anything relating to him such as the Chaos Emeralds appearing on the site at all, and due to some very interesting theories I've heard on Rainbow Dash (see them here: super-rainbow-dash-z.deviantar…), I decided to retcon those two fics and had, since 2012, been working on a fic that has her transforming through the Elements of Harmony instead, basing it on those same theories, that'll also hopefully meet EqD's high quality standards as well (this has since been abandoned, however, since EqD's pre-reading policy has become unfavorable). The fic is titled "Harmonic Spectrum."

You can read the complete rough draft version of the fic on my gallery here, or the improved version on my FiMFiction page:…

As seen in this art collection of her and in "HS," the appearance of her transformation is as follows:

-A pure white coat with ruby red eyes. (required) She basically becomes an albino, and was inspired by the various albino characters in various anime such as Soul Eater and Fullmetal Alchemist.
-A waving, rising, flaming rainbow mane and tail that emits embers from them (or simply a spiked-up rainbow mane, if artists so choose). (required) Inspired by Twilight Sparkle's enraged burning form and the Super Saiyans of DBZ as well as Super Sonic (especially if artists choose the spiked-up rainbow mane instead of the waving flame and embers, or a combination of both. Depends, really).
-Super Rainbow Dash's cutie mark by Super-Rainbow-Dash-ZThe cloud part of her cutie mark changes from white to storm grey. (required) Since the vector of her by GeoNine, artists have begun to do the same afterwards, by changing the cloud part of it to storm grey in order to avoid blending in with her white coat. Character-wise, by making it storm grey, it symbolizes the great, sheer, Harmonic power that is wildly swirling within Super Dash.
-The Element of Loyalty necklace on. (optional) Since I originally made her transform through the Chaos Emeralds, I was at first going to go without it. But then, I got a suggestion from someone to include it and it stuck ever since. Now in "Harmonic Spectrum" and onwards, the true hidden potential of the Elements of Harmony gets unlocked by Dash, and so the Harmonic energy from the other necklaces and the Crown of Magic gets siphoned into her own necklace and into herself as well, siphoning enough to make her transform.
-Large pegasus wings. (optional) Inspired by fanart depicting normal Dash with large wings instead of her normal small ones. Combined with her being white, it certainly makes her look almost angelic, no?

The styling of the flames/mane and the size of the wings may vary in artwork of her, as well as the exact shade of white.

As shown on the poster at the top of this page, my personal unofficial theme for Super Rainbow Dash is "5OUL ON D!SPLAY" from Gran Turismo 5.


Rainbow Dash is © Hasbro/Lauren Faust.

The design of her Super form may be made up by me, but the overall character still belongs to them. It was not anywhere near difficult to design such a transformation anyway, and as such, they could easily design her like this if they wanted to.

So as far as I understand, Hasbro is well within their legal rights to use such a concept if they wish. I cannot exactly sue them over such a commonly-used concept of a Super form as well as many design aspects of her that are common as well. Unless their legal system goes deeper than I can understand, they are free to claim ownership of it as they wish.



Just a notice on my new PSN account.

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 2, 2015, 11:27 PM

Hope most of you have already read that last journal by now. If not, please read it.

Well, I'm still on my old PSN ID playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (I beat the first two on PC, btw, and would have played this one on PC as well if it weren't for these outdated 2011 specs), but once I'm done preventing Tedd Deireadh (which is elven for The Final Age. The apocalypse, basically), I'll move over to the new ID. Just bought a 1-year PS Plus membership card in advance, so...

If you wish to (re)add me on PSN, it's none other than Flame_of_Harmony.

So much for my future plans (again)... What do you want to see in the future regarding my fics after "HR"? 

4 deviants said More fics with Super Dash on her own... No teaming up with heroes from other franchises.
2 deviants said How about some Dragon Ball crossovers?
2 deviants said Other (specify, as long as it ISN'T you-know-who)
1 deviant said Throw in Super Sonic. Make him a protagonist alongside Super Dash. You do own DA's largest Sonic/MLP group after all.

Ask me anything about Super Dash. Comment in this poll if you have a question. 

22 deviants said I like albino flaming rainbow super ponies.


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A Sonic fan since the early 2000s, and the creator of the fanon concept of Super Rainbow Dash.

A long-time member of DA, since 2003.


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Anti Rainbow Power Stamp (edited description) by Super-Rainbow-Dash-Z


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Q: Can I use your concept of Super Rainbow Dash? Pretty pleeeeease? *puppy dog eyes*

A: There's no need to ask me at all. Feel free to use her as you wish, and you don't even have to credit me at all unless you want to. Just do not claim her as your own, as she is still Hasbro's property.

Q: I'm a Garry's Mod/Source Filmmaker user. Is there a model for Super Dash that I could use?

A: Yes, there is one by RainbineDashie: [Gmod/SFM DL] Super Rainbow Dash FINAL VERSION by RainbineDashie

Q: Any plans to go. Even. Further. Beyoooond?! (I.e. a Hyper Rainbow Dash)

A: Other than some existing animations here, no, I absolutely have no plans for that, and it's overall pointless for her when she can just keep on training and improving her Super form.

Q: What about the rest of the Mane Six? Will they also have Super forms as well, not counting the awful Rainbow Power forms?

A: Other than maybe Twilight Sparkle trying to gain control of her burning form, nope, no plans. Besides, there's a very good reason why only Dash can go Super, and that's because she's pretty much the full representation of all six Elements of Harmony, with Loyalty still being her strongest. She's the destined and long-lost Flame and Soul of Harmony, in other words.

Q: Do you do requests or art trades of anything?

A: I don't do any of those, as I'm only a commissioner who goes around commissioning people to do Super Dash. I cannot draw in real life because I'm a disabled person. Therefore, I can only write fanfics, and even then, I don't do requests on those. Sorry.

Bu-but even disabled people can do stuff! I'm sure you can draw.

Honestly, the last person who said that to me several years ago grew to be a total asshole who automatically assumed that every person can still do stuff no matter what the disability was. This was also the same person who pretty much went rampant on certain sites, saying that my stuff at the time was deemed worthy to be satirized the hell out of. This was at a time where bronies didn't exist yet, btw.

In short, don't be a fool like she was and assume stuff about me. I cannot draw. At all. And I hope you respect that instead of trying to convince me otherwise.

lololololololol fake dash is fake and shitty. lolololololol what an unoriginal oc.

If I see you saying this wherever, well, not only will you come off as a hopelessly ignorant and idiotic fool, but you would also come off as a fanboy/purist/elitist/etc. Given my history of dealing with such people, I have to say that I have zero percent tolerance with people like them. So if you don't want to look like a total fool, please read the disclaimers below.

(Of course, people who are ignorant will likely not bother with reading them. Oh well, their loss. =/)


Any more FAQs will be added here if people ask them enough or otherwise.

Regarding Super Rainbow Dash's potential canonicity...

Recently and since I've created such a concept in 2011, a (albeit low) number of certain people have commented on my journals and elsewhere, saying, without giving a damn and/or just deciding to be moronic killjoys, that Super Dash will never be canon and whatnot. Without even realizing that Hasbro has been canonizing ideas and names from bronies ever since the brony community took off in 2011.

Yes, I do acknowledge the possibility that such a concept of mine (and a popular concept at that, btw) will never be canon, and they stick with the god awful joke of a super transformation that is known as Rainbow Power. But with the increased focus on the fans that has been happening as of late, it is also always entirely possible that Super Rainbow Dash will end up in the show. When will she ever appear is a question that only Hasbro and DHX can answer, and not some random nobody who acts like he can see the future.

So, until then, I ask that you do not be a total, disrespecting moron and say she will never be canon. I really, seriously do not need to hear it. Fail to heed this warning, and your comment will be ignored and hidden. Fail to heed it twice, and I will have no choice but to block you from my page.

More on this journal, btw: super-rainbow-dash-z.deviantar…

If you disagree with any of this, then do not bother to devwatch me at all. And if you are watching me, then you have the right to unwatch. Nothing is stopping you from unwatching me, btw.


A reminder on what "OC" stands for.

"OC" stands for "Original Character," which would be a character created from the ground up by fans. Contrary to what some people are claiming, Super Rainbow Dash is NOT an OC and, as her name says, is a Super transformation of Rainbow Dash, a canon character that Hasbro owns. So even though I created the concept of her having a Super form, it is still not my character overall and thus still belongs to Hasbro. And as far as I'm aware, Hasbro IS legally allowed to take concepts from a fan as long as the concept involves a character that they already own. If they weren't, then they shouldn't be canonizing a lot of fan concepts such as Doctor Whooves, Derpy, the term "alicorn," humanized ponies, etc etc.

Besides, I'm in no position to sue them anyway, not when the concept of Super Dash itself is derived from many ideas that have repeated themselves time and time again. And due to this, I'm definitely not seeking any profits either, unlike so many morons out there. Hasbro will have my word on this if they choose to use her, as again, its still their character after all.

As for those who don't want to see her canon, well, here's my response to them: super-rainbow-dash-z.deviantar…

"aaaaagh! rainbow dash has become a mary sue! *whine whine*"

Please, seriously, for the love of all that are rainbows and speedily fast pegasi... do yourself a favor and look up the real meaning of the term. Do not confuse it with the phrase, "I don't like this character," or any other BS either.

Super forms are not perfect and never are. As the laws of fiction have consistently shown, there could always be a higher power that outclasses whatever transformation that a character is in. It doesn't always mean that you're invincible, and it definitely isn't something that will instantly fix a character's flaws in both personality and in the relationships around him/her. In fact, given the circumstance, it could make the character worse in one or both of those areas.

So please get it right and don't moronically, mercilessly post it on places like certain forums. Otherwise, you'll look like a fool. Thanks.


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JustinHundley Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015
#SRDF (SuperRainbowDashFan)
SilverYuno1 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015
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RageLokiCat Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm so in love with your super RD design, and I was curious since you get people to draw her, and that results in many different styles of the same OC, were you the first/only person to come up with this idea? Either way, she's awesome, and don't listen to any of the hate you get for your character.
....Um, did you just skim through my page and went straight for the comment box? =/
RageLokiCat Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, no, actually. There could be several ways to take your response here, though. Most likely is that you answered my question somewhere, so I did a re-read. I found a poll where questions about her can go, so maybe you were talking about that, and I put my query in the wrong place? Possibly, but unlikely that you would refuse me an answer in that case. So, given the information I've gathered and my analysis of you as a person, I'm guessing the problem is a difference in perspectives; where you say you came up with her in 2011 to you probably says that you were the first, but I can't know that for sure, perhaps there are more complicated circumstances. So, I'm sorry for any confusion.
Actually, I'm referring to your use of the term "OC" to label Super Dash. As my FAQ says, I really, really dislike it when people call her an OC. Especially when people (well, one guy) say that she's "fake and shitty" when she's still the same Rainbow Dash we all know and love.

But to answer your question, yes, I'm the first guy on the Net to come up with this idea of a Super form for Rainbow Dash as well as the white design, in 2011. Others have followed shortly after, including various golden designs of her that are pretty much 1:1 with Super Sonic. But none of them are as widespread and popular as my white "Flame of Harmony" design of her.

Sorry for being vague, btw. ^_^;
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